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    Brockman Painting, LLC is a family owned and operated business. Started by
      Bill Brockman 35 years ago, he trained his sons to be professional painters,
who then passed that training on to their sons - truly a family business. 
  Now one of his sons and grandsons, Glenn and Daniel Brockman, own and operate Brockman Painting, LLC.
We believe in delivering high quality workmanship and maintaining a good, friendly
and trusting working relationship with our customers. After all, you want a trustworthy person in your home or business, don't you? It is our goal to treat you right and
to make you happy with our work. If you aren't happy, we aren't happy.

You have probably heard it said that anyone can be a painter.
While it's true that just about anyone can put on paint, that doesn't
necessarily make that person an acceptable, reliable, professional painter.

As a homeowner or business owner seeking to have your property painted,
please be sure to ask questions.

What is the painter's experience?
Brockman Painting has been in the area for 35 years.
We handle interior & exterior painting, special interior finishes,
stain & seal decks, commercial & residential painting,
stripe parking lots, small jobs or large, simple or complex jobs. 
We give great detail to the work we do.
Please feel to ask for references. 
We will be happy to provide you with references of completed jobs.

Is the painter fully insured & licensed?
Brockman Painting, LLC is insured with auto, general liability
and workers compensation.
We have city licenses where required.

Is the painter up-to-date with new laws about painting?
******  Please Note  ******
The EPA has passed lead safety laws & anyone in any connection
with construction must be a certified & licensed lead renovator. 
Government required training & testing must be completed
to receive a certificate and license for lead renovator.
A Certificate and EPA License must be carried by the company and presented to you, the customer, at your request.
Please ask to see our Certificate and License and ask why it is
important to use a certified and licensed lead renovator.
Any structure built before 1978 must be tested for lead & documented.

Brockman Painting, LLC is a Lead Certified and Licensed Renovator.

Granted, having licenses, insurance & special training influences the cost of having a job done.
But, these things are necessary and serve as a protection for you & your property.
We want to protect you and your property by these means.


Glenn & Daniel Brockman, Owners
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